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Scorched Earth: Character Concepts (3) by jflaxman Scorched Earth: Character Concepts (3) by jflaxman
Ten more character concepts. Though I've started and ended with borderline cases it's an all-civilian cast this time!
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Rexlare Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The survivalist and Huntress are my favorites!
hunterN05 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooo nice! some more! :D

Alrighty man, these guys look great! :D I like em all ^w^

Survivalist looks pretty good, his concept reminds me of crocodile Dundee almost :P hehe
I like the stuff on the pack, camo for hiding?

The Scamp looks like one of those child thieves, left alone and forced to steal,
yet has no problems with it.
Wonder how good of a thief though?

Water Seller... I don't trust her :stare: she looks sketchy.
Like a female version of the water selling guy in Thunderdome.
Full of rads!

Dire Angel... what's their role in this world?
Playing thrash metal for the masses? :lol:
I approve.
I wonder what's in that syringe?

Farmhand looks... normal, though I don't trust the hat.
He could be hiding something in it :P
Like a dagger.

Doc, would I want to get treated by this guy?
I don't think so, but then again most post apocalyptic docs look

Scourge Addict. Nasty looking fellow, but then again what addict 
looks healthy?  He looks like a demented jester XD
heheh, wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley.

Pit Fighter, love those pit fights :D
they're cool and he looks ready to smash some skulls :P
Legit. Nice shield and pipe?

Carny Mute, :stare: well he fits the carny role I suppose.
Considering he looks like he was birthed in a vat of nuclear waste :lol:

And finally the Huntress, she looks badass!
Loving the Ghillie (wrong spelling) Suit, kinda messed up but it works.
And the crossbow, neato!

And done... apologies for the long comment :P hehe
Overall as usual I like em, nice work and awesome job man! :D

Can't wait to see more ^^
jflaxman Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Thanks for the long and detailed feedback! The camo on the survivalist's pack would help to blur his shape at a distance or hide the pack if he dropped it to scout ahead. He'd carry essential survival gear in his clothes or on his belt and spare gear or random finds in the tote bag on the ground.

The scamp could be a street urchin, petty thief or lookout for a gang of professionals.

The seal on the water seller's drum is meant to show local authorities have tested its contents, but as bribery and corruption's common you've every right to be suspicious!

The Dire Angels are a band whose nihilistic lyrics have won a widespread following, inspired many imitators and made enemies in high places. Their literally underground concerts are held in old fallout shelters.

The farmhand's not meant to be a fighter, but the mattock could fend off predators and the whistle round his neck could be used to signal friends.

I gave the doc an old-school brass syringe that's hopefully been sterilised. Disposable's not such a popular concept when medical supplies are scarce.

The scourge addict's a mix of rockabilly, mad clown and beat poet. When I post a colour version his teeth will look extra nasty.

It might not be clear in the line drawing, but the pit fighter's armour's made from old APC tyres and the buckler's made from an armoured hubcap, probably from the same vehicle. The welding mask offers less protection but helps mask his identity.

The carny's parents were probably exposed to nuclear or chemical fallout, and in a longer backstory, some freak shows might double as propaganda, demonising enemies or calling for an end to war.

The huntress was a lot of fun, and the combination of night vision goggles with a silent and flashless weapon would work a treat in real life.

No need to say sorry, comments like yours are always welcome!
hunterN05 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome man! :D glad to give ya feedback ;D

Ahhh, that makes sense I guess he might have to drop it at times.
And having a tote bag helps, a lot! :D heh, especially for spare gear and
random finds ^^

I can see her being one of those, Petty thief and lookout, who would suspect her?

Can't always trust labels ya know :P heheeh.

Ahhh, they sound pretty awesome! :D
Fallout shelter band, nice.

I would hope he has some experience when dealing with petty thieves,
like some trying to steal his crops or something. but yeah, whistle~

Eww, they reuse those old Brass ones? I would hope its sterilized.
That's nasty, but a doctor is a doctor I guess.

ehheeheh, Cant' wait to see that XD ha!

Oh really? APC wheels, and an armored hubcap, now that I look 
I can see it, nicely done. the mask does help with concealing his identity.

Poor guy ;o; and really? huh, interesting.

I can tell she was, she looks great! I just love her outfit and weapon, so awesome.

Okay then :) I might do another one of these when you post more Character concepts >.> hehe.
You're welcome once again! keep it up!
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